News of the International Academic School "Odessa"

Odessa craftswoman decorated the rural courtyard in the zoo

Odessa volunteer, teacher of the International Academic School Odessa Ismailova Svetlana Valerievna painted a rural yard in the Odessa Zoo with paints. Now it is decorated with images of figurines of creatures and Odessa regions. Maistrina works hard to make the kids cheer up the zoo guests in difficult times.
Come here at a school hour to embellish the territory and put things in order.

“I needed some volunteering and really wanted to go to the zoo. Not only am I rosemary, I come from the 8th wound and cleanse of critters. I need help, but the boys need help. From me there were two paths in one direction" - even volunteer Svetlana Izmailova.

Odesitka continues: the robot at the zoo is a hobby that helps relieve psychological anxiety. In this rank, she will report her forces in a difficult hour of battle, where necessary.