News of the International Academic School "Odessa"

Participants of the All-Ukrainian literary competition "Ukrainian Language - Language Day" visited the Odessa International Academic School

Participants of the All-Ukrainian literary competition "Ukrainian Language - Language Day" visited the Odessa International Academic School. Fifty journalists, poets and public figures from different parts of Ukraine came to this School of the Future to see the conditions in which children of the 21st century study.

The president of the Odessa International Academic School Sergey Kivalov, who accompanied the guests, said:
“On the eve of the new academic year, the International Academic School opened its doors to journalists who came from all over Ukraine. This is due to the thirtieth anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine. It is connected with the Day of our city. And you know, they were surprised by what they saw.  We built the School of the Future. We made it so that Ukraine, so that Odessa can be proud that there are people who can create, there are people who can finance, there are people who can implement it directly from the project into such a temple of science, into a temple of education. I am proud that we have a strong team. And I am proud that we were able to build this school together. It is very important".

In addition to a tour of the educational institution, a solemn cancellation of a postage stamp, which depicts the International Academic School of Odessa, took place. The circulation of the stamp is limited: there are only about a thousand of them. Sergey Kivalov, the president of IASH Odessa, said that it is a great honor for the staff of the educational institution - after all, not every school and even university can excel like that:  

“It is an event for us that today we have the honor and opportunity to participate in the cancellation of the stamp on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Independence. Ukrposhta has issued such stamps, and on the stamps there is an image of our school, the School of the Future. You know, it's historical. This is of great importance, because for the first time our school was included in the register of the best facilities in our country.

I am proud that we live in Ukraine. I am proud that we are doing everything to beautify our country, our city. I am proud that today we have a good young team that works here at the school. And today we have increased the number of students and, of course, doubled the   number of employees in our school.”

 The director of the Odessa Directorate of JSC "Ukrposhta" Serhiy Drozd, who participated in the ceremony, said in an interview:

It is a great honor for me to be here. In order to popularize this school and celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ukraine, we have issued a special stamp in a beautiful design, which depicts the image of the school. After we canceled it today together with Sergei Vasilyevich, this stamp entered circulation. And Sergey Vasilievich can now, at his own discretion, either give this stamp to the best students - because it is limited in circulation - or launch it for collectors.  

 The journalists who visited the Odessa International Academic School saw with their own eyes that it is a good example for domestic educational institutions. After all, it is here that children develop comprehensively. In addition to the classical disciplines, students also attend compulsory training in the school's Olympic-sized swimming pool, and also study several foreign languages at the same time.

Admiration for what he saw was expressed by the head of the Odessa regional branch of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Yuriy Rabotin:

“You know, those educational institutions that exist in the open spaces of Ukraine, those professional personnel who work today, seem to be talking about this. There is a law school, there is an academic school, there is a school of journalism and specialists are working. So, there is a future, there is a prospect. Indeed, there are eight foreign languages ​​here: parents have a choice. Because, you know, the language is perceived from childhood and the main thing is that they have a choice. Parents are attracted - because there is Spanish, Chinese, German, English, Ukrainian, Russian and even Japanese will be taught. This is a great contribution to the development of our education. Indeed, today it is a pleasure to come and look here. Because everything is done with the latest technology. It's captivating. I think that children will have the opportunity to learn several, even eight, foreign languages. Prepare with the understanding that Ukraine needs us and that we stay here and not go abroad.” 

  The guests also noted the versatility of the school. At the end of the lessons, life at the school continues and impresses with its diversity. The International Academic School is a quality and affordable education. A member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, Nadezhda Kosiak, highly appreciated what she saw:

“I am in such a school for the first time, although I know where else there is a similar school in Ukraine. Of course, it is very pleasant that for children everything is done with great love, at a very high modern level (informational and technical). It's nice to know that this was all done with love. You go only into the courtyard - and you already imagine that you are in some kind of paradise. I wish we could have such schools in every city in Ukraine – not just one, but many.” 

Sergey Kuchinsky, the head of the public organization, shared his pleasant impressions from the tour of SIA Odesa:  

“Today we are visiting Sergey Vasilyevich Kivalov at his new school. A lot of positive, a lot of emotions. The school, indeed, is equipped and made with the latest technology: high-quality repairs, high-quality desks. Everything is just super, very worthy. Worthy - for our children, the younger generation. Because our children today, having come to such a school, I think, will absorb everything that teachers tell them here. Moreover, here we observed an interactive whiteboard: where the software allows ready-made items to be studied more comfortably.”

School Odessa meets all the requirements of presidential programs. A spacious sports complex, large and small Olympic-sized swimming pools, and interactive whiteboards in every classroom are already here, while public schools are just beginning to equip.

Lesya Lyubarskaya, a member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, noted the advance in equipping the School of the Future:  

“I wish there were more people like Sergey Kivalov. So that after all, the power also thinks about it, as private individuals and businessmen think about it. If they invested here, then it's good, it should be welcomed. I would like our government to really think more about children, even if they make such miracle schools, miracle pools, miracle health centers for children. We liked everything very much.”

The school administration plans to further develop the institution in every possible way. Ahead is a new academic year and new students, new challenges and new indelible impressions.