News of the International Academic School "Odessa"

Chess tournament on the basis of the International Academic School Odessa

Congratulations on the victory of our students in the chess tournament, organized by the Chess Club "Nevsky" together with the Odessa City Chess Federation.

Borisenko Bogdan - 4-A grade student - victory in tournament-A with 100% result 9/9 with the fulfillment of the sports standard of the 1st youth category in chess.

Fulfilled the sports standard of the 1st youth category:

Samoylenko Arseniy - 5-B class student

Rabizo Alexander - 5-B grade student

Dobik Ivan - 5-A grade student

Deinega Ilya - a student of the 2-B class - took 2nd place in the tournament-B (3rd adult category!). Ilya was 0.5 points short of meeting the sports standard, but he is already hard at work preparing for the next tournament to achieve new results.

We sincerely congratulate and are proud of our students! Holding chess tournaments in our school will become a tradition. The knowledge and skills of our children will allow us to talk about the International Academic School as a center for the development of this sport in our city and country!