News of the International Academic School "Odessa"

The International Academic School "Odessa" has a modern security system

Recently opened International Academic School "Odessa" once again confirms its status of the School of the Future. Advanced technologies are used here not only to master new knowledge and create comfortable conditions for studying, but also to ensure the safety of students and staff of the educational institution. After all, it was this question for parents that was one of the most important when children enrolled in school.

In addition to the security post, there are special entry cards - each student and employee has them.

This is a special contactless card that is attached to the reader at the entrance to the educational building. In this case, parents immediately receive a special notification, which shows that the child has come to school or left it. Parents can receive up to twenty such notifications per day, and thus know about all their child's movements. 

—#nbspsays the director of the International Academic School "Odessa" Natalia Vernidub. For the biometric identification system, the most modern equipment of the best world manufacturer ZKTeco was purchased. Using cards, you can also monitor compliance with the adaptive quarantine rules.

With the help of this system, we also monitor quarantine restrictions. That is, the number of people who are currently in a particular room is tracked. In case of exceeding the norm, the entrance is blocked, and the subsequent person simply cannot enter the room.

—  says the Deputy Director for Computerization and Informatization Evgeny Vivchar.

Each card has its own access level: student, teacher, school employee. But in the event of a fire alarm, all premises are automatically opened for prompt evacuation. Fire safety at the school is also provided at the highest level. Based on the area of ​​the educational institution, the required number of fire extinguishers was purchased, which are located on each floor. Also, a modern fire safety system has been installed, which allows you to quickly respond in case of an alarm.

The school is also equipped with 240 night vision cameras with face detection so that a stranger cannot pass. Cameras are installed around the entire perimeter, in every corridor, in every classroom. The overview covers all rooms, without the so-called "blind zones".

— says Evgeny Vivchar.

Information from video cameras is displayed at the security post and a special control room, where you can simultaneously observe everything that happens in the school. Such precautions proved to be very useful during the period of the so-called "false minions" that shook Odessa schools and preschool institutions earlier this year.

After the events that happened recently, when educational institutions were mined, # nbsp; Sergey Vasilievich Kivalov personally held a meeting with the school teachers and put the issue of children's safety in the first place.


— added Natalya Vernidub. At the International Academic School "Odessa" we are sure that in order to obtain high-quality knowledge, children should be provided with the most comfortable conditions. That is why each issue is treated here especially carefully and in detail, especially when it comes to security.