News of the International Academic School "Odessa"

The International Academic School "Odessa" celebrated the Teacher's Day

Traditionally, in the first days of October in Ukraine, teachers are honored and thanked for such a necessary and difficult work. For teachers of the International Academic School "Odessa", the current professional holiday is a special one. It  is the first holiday in the new house. The initiator of the creation of the School of the Future in Odessa, the leader of the Ukrainian Maritime Party Sergey Kivalov congratulated the teachers.

The International Academic School "Odessa" is the pride of our country, all conditions for study and extracurricular activities, physical, creative and spiritual development of the younger generation are created here. For many decades, this is the first educational institution built in Odessa without using funds from the budget of the city, region, country. The initiator of the creation of the School of the Future, which has no equal in Ukraine and Europe, is sure that high-quality education is the key to a successful future, new prospects and good opportunities to realize one's potential in adult life.

This year, Teacher's Day is special for me! For the first time, we congratulated our new team of teachers in their new home - in the International Academic School "Odessa", which can be proud not only of our city, but all of Ukraine! I am grateful  for what I managed to build this School of the Future with the support of the Ukrainian Maritime Party without attracting budget funds from the city, region and state.
Using a real example, we have shown in what conditions our teachers should work.
The school has an indoor sports complex with two swimming pools, a cinema and concert hall, a dance hall, two churches were built - St. John the Theologian and St. Sergius of Radonezh. The entire educational process at the school is built according to special programs using the most innovative technologies. All classes are equipped with interactive displays, all school records are kept in electronic form.

And we must implement these standards in all schools!
A country has no future without a good basic education. Therefore, the state and city authorities must do everything to make the teaching profession one of the most prestigious.
To do this, we need to get rid of the practice of meager salaries and financing of education on a leftover basis.
I would like to congratulate all the teachers of the city of Odessa and wish them to be healthy, happy, to be always in demand, and to always have love and prosperity in families. And may the Lord keep you!
Happy holiday, dear teachers!

- says the leader of the Ukrainian Maritime Party Sergey Kivalov.

The entire educational process at the Academic School is built according to special programs using the most innovative technologies. All classes are already equipped with interactive displays Smart board (87 inches diagonal) - for easier assimilation of the material. All school documentation is kept in electronic form – diaries, lesson schedules, notes and comments. Children, teachers and parents have access to this information. This is a completely new approach to the learning process.

The leader of the Ukrainian Maritime Party, an honorary citizen of the city of Odessa and the Odessa region, Sergey Kivalov emphasized that it is now very important to support teachers and evaluate their work with decent wages, as well as create good working conditions. The future generation of Odessa citizens depends on the teachers.

One of the priority points of the program of the Ukrainian Maritime Party of Sergey Kivalov is the implementation of the new social program "Card of Odessa citizen". The political force has developed and will implement a project for monthly payments in the amount of UAH 1,500. retirees, doctors and, including teachers.

Teacher's Day is the main holiday of all people working in the field of education. By decree of the President of Ukraine dated September 11, 1994, this day is celebrated on the first Sunday in October. Director of the International Academic School "Odessa" noted that work in a new educational institution is the main gift for the entire teaching staff.

This year, for the first time, we celebrate Teacher's Day in the International Academic School "Odessa". It is a great honor and great pleasure for us to work here. Today Sergey Vasilyevich Kivalov came and congratulated the team on the holiday. He wished us creative success and all the best. We are very pleased with his attention, in addition, we received pleasant gifts from him for the holiday,
- says Natalia Vernidub, headmaster of the International Academic School "Odessa".
The school of the future is equipped with the latest security system - no outsider will get here. All students and employees have special cards with them that record the entrance and exit from the educational institution, and parents can add money to these cards and track what the child is eating and when he/she comes to school.

The school has a security system so that when a student enters or leaves the school, his parents receive an message. It's safe here, it's comfortable here,  and it's very interesting here,
- explains Natalia Vernidub.

Let us recall that the International Academic School "Odessa" opened its doors to students on September 1. All teachers have passed some kind of casting in order to take this or that position. For a month of work, the teachers say, they have adjusted the educational process. The main feedback is the burning eyes of their pupils. After all, the main task is to raise an educated generation. The basis for this will be spacious classrooms of a new type, sports complexes, two swimming pools, a new education system using digital technologies and even a cinema and concert hall.

The first month has passed. I like to work very much, I have something to compare with, very nice parents and very good children, quite talented children!
- says the teacher of mathematics Nina Nikolaenko.

In the International Academic School "Odessa", from the first grade, children attend chess and swimming. A swimming pool with stands, with a modern water purification system and special pumps that fill it with artesian water from an underground lake with huge reserves of water. In addition to the main large pool, there is also a small pool, where junior pupils can practice swimming.

Swimming is one of the favorite lessons for children. Children come with delight. We have a 25-meter pool, we have a separate small pool, in which water and air temperatures of international standards are maintained, -
says Ekaterina Stefanko, physical education teacher.

Starting from the first grade, students learn foreign languages. Hebrew was added to the already familiar English, French and German languages. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​expands horizons, prospects in future professional life.

I can say that the children really like going to our school. As a teacher I focused on the introduction of modern, interactive, innovative teaching technologies, I am very pleased that such conditions have been created in our school,
- says Alla Dorofeeva, an English teacher.

There were many who wanted to build a multi-storey residential complex or an entertainment center with a casino on this site. But in spite of everything, on the initiative of the leader of the Ukrainian Maritime Party, Sergey Kivalov, a full-fledged secondary school with a total area of ​​22 thousand square meters was built here. Moreover, this is an area where there is an acute shortage of schools, and those that are functioning are very overloaded. The Ukrainian Maritime Party will continue to develop projects related to education, sports, culture and spiritual education in our region. The country's future belongs to a healthy and educated generation.