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The International School of Sports is a fully completed project envisioning a European-level sports center, which was constructed on the territory of the International Academic School "Odessa".

All of the main areas of sports are brough together at the center, with 3 floors and an area of more than 4000 sq.m.
On the ground floor, there is a watersports complex consisting of 2 swimming pools: a 25-meter, five lane-pool, and a second auxiliary pool for our youngest visitors, from newborns to young children who can confidently stay on the water by themselves.

At our watersports complex you can swim individually or under the guidance of our highly trained, professional instructors. Furthermore, the pool can host various groups and personal trainings for adults and children.

The water purification system undergoes 3 levels of filtration and purification, and the pool water itself is from the deepest artesian well in our city, which makes the it soft, clean and of high quality.
The most innovative technologies were utilizes during the construction of the sports center, with a particular focus, first and foremost, on the safety and health of our visitors.

The second floor of the sports center is home to a fitness room, which includes three main areas for practicing different sports, ranging from TRX and boxing, to yoga and rehabilitative physiotherapy.

On the third floor of the sports center, there is a gym with fully certified flooring necessary for holding international mini football, basketball, handball, volleyball and tennis tournaments.

Also both the gym and the watersports complex are equipped with stands for fans and spectators, with comfortable seating for guests attending competitions of their favorite teams and athletes.

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