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The teaching profession is not just a job, it is a gift from the soul.
Who are our teachers at the International Academic School "Odessa"?
We have gathered a highly competent group of teaching personnel, managing find people who are can be referred to as "fans of their craft".
Among our colleagues there are many creative teachers-innovators, participants of various all-Ukrainian and municipal competitions
Our teachers combine their love for work and for our students. The main task of our team is to create an educational environment in which each child will develop their personality and be able to discover and reveal all of their abilities.
Our teachers regularly improve their qualifications through online and full-time courses, attend pedagogical conferences and scientific events in the field of pedagogy.
The basis for the success of our teachers is constant self-improvement and purposeful development of professionally significant qualities.
Teachers are constantly improving their skills in distance work and work with interactive devices, mastering modern teaching methods and technologies.
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