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About Us

At the International Academic School Odessa, we make every effort to develop the talents of your child. To do this, we use the most modern technologies, interesting methods, experienced teachers, comfortable learning conditions and safety.

Quality education is the main priority of the school. The basis for us is in-depth knowledge, confirmed by the relevant state certificates; each class is a separate age category, each teacher is a specialist in his own category, each direction is vital.

A pupil for us is a Personality. Our children are able to make this world a better place, and we must help them in this!

Innovation in our school

Our school has developed its own approach and methodology to help children start education in a special atmosphere and develop their abilities
Educational process with the use of innovative technologies: all classrooms are already equipped with interactive displays Smart board (87 inches diagonal). All school documentation is kept in electronic form: diaries, schedules, notes, notes.

The teaching staff was formed in accordance with all the requirements and standards of school education. Knowledge, skills, and experience of working with children of teachers set a high standard for the quality of education in our school.
Our school is focused on small classes, so in our school every child gets maximum teacher time.
The school provides basic education, and also allows students to enroll in electives if they wish. For example, some of the most popular sections are learning foreign languages, chess, swimming, tennis, boxing.
The school is equipped with 240 night vision cameras with face detection (FULL HD). The world's largest manufacturer of biometric equipment ZKTeco is used for access control and accounting systems with a parent notification system. Each child has a personal contactless card.
The food in our school is not only healthy, but also very tasty. Our cafe is a favorite place for all students, where they can meet friends and just chat over a cup of tea or a glass of juice. Our menu is developed by a nutritionist, taking into account the individual characteristics of each child.
The school is equipped with the latest three-storey sports complex

- 2 swimming pools;
- sports hall;
- stadium;
- gym.
The school houses the Church of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian, consecrated on October 9 by His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy of Kyiv and All Ukraine. If desired, schoolchildren can attend electives and listen to lectures on the history of religion, study Christian ethics.
Small classes
Now you don't have to worry about your child's safety on the way to school or finding time to accompany him to school doorstep! The MASHO School bus will solve your problems!
Concert hall

School administration

  • Sergey Kivalov
    President, founder
    of the International Academic School Odessa
  • Stanislav Shipko
  • Sergey Kosyanenko
    Commercial director
  • Anastasiya Odotyuk
    Deputy Director for Educational Work
  • Yuliya Shyshatskaya
    Deputy director for innovative technologies
  • Anastasiia Sychova
    Deputy director for administrative issues
  • Timur Ostapenko
    Deputy Director for Educational Work
  • Sergey Kudarenko
    Rector of the Church of St. John the Theologian Christian ethics teacher
  • Irina Denisyuk
    Chief accountant
  • Elena Chepurnyak
  • Irina Surnina
  • Victoria Mikhailova
  • Anna Rog
  • Iryna Blazhevska
    Speech therapist
Primary school teachers
  • Svitlana Kozak
    1-А class teacher
  • Natalia Georgieva
    1-B class teacher
  • Marina Gerfanova
    2-A class teacher
  • Nadezhda Polischuk
    2-B class teacher
  • Oksana Kiran
    2-C class teacher
  • Ilona Shamanskaya
    2-D class teacher
  • Vita Matsaenko
    3-A class teacher
  • Anastasiya Odotyuk
    3-B class teacher
  • Darya Podmazko
    3-C class teacher
  • Irina Spirivak
    4-A class teacher
  • Olena Vodopian
    4-В class teacher
  • Valentyna Hrekalo
    Teacher of the preparatory group
  • Usata Lina
    Teacher of the preparatory group
  • Anna Matvieieva
    Teacher's assistant
Subject teachers
  • Sofiia Bolharyna
    Art teacher
  • Andrey Bormotov
    Chess teacher
  • Nataliia Valinkevych
    Рhysics teacher
  • Petro Vyshnov
    Physical education teacher
  • Ekaterina Gavrilyuk
    English language teacher
    5-B class teacher
  • Denys Hraniuk
    Swimming teacher
  • Viktoriia Huchok
    Teacher of Russian language and foreign literature
  • Inna Zhuchenko
    English teacher
    5-А, 5-С classes teacher
  • Snezhana Ivaniv
    French teacher
    9-В classes teacher
  • Ivanova Anastasiia
    Spain teacher
  • Karbatovska Svitlana
    English teacher
  • Iryna Kostandi
    Teacher of Ukrainian language and literature
    Class teacher of the 8-A class
  • Kozak Hanna
    Teacher of financial literacy
  • Aleksandr Krasnoshlyk
    Robotics teacher (STEM teacher)
    Class teacher of the 8-C class
  • Mariia Kryvchun
    Spanish teacher
  • Sergey Kudarenko
    Christian ethics teacher
  • Anna Kuznetsova
    Physics teacher
  • Oksana Lem
    Teacher of informatics
  • Halyna Lishchuk
    Teacher of English
  • Liudmyla Lozova
    Teacher of geography
  • Elena Lyashenko
    Geography teacher
  • Kateryna Marharian
    Music teacher
  • Iryna Nikitinska
    German teacher
  • Nina Nikolaenko
    Math teacher
    7-A class teacher
  • Liudmyla Nikolaenko
    Math teacher
    6-С class teacher
  • Timur Ostapenko
    Teacher of history
    7-B class teacher
  • Valentina Rogozina
    English and German languages teacher
  • Elena Rusanova
    Biology and Chemistry Teacher
    Class teacher of the 9-A class
  • Anastasiia Sychova
    Ukrainian language and literature teacher
    6-А class teacher
  • Orisya Skrinnik
    Ukrainian language and literature teacher
  • Olena Stupkevych
    Ukrainian language and literature teacher
    8-B, 6-В classes teacher
  • Olena Tenderenko
    Chemistry teacher
  • Taisiya Filipovich
    English language teacher
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